10x your OSS Game with OpenSauced

Leverage the powerful tools and data that OpenSauced offers to be more intentional and efficient in your open-source contributions


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10x your OSS Game with OpenSauced

OpenSauced is a product that creates a story out of the massive data that GitHub has. It tells of falling giants and rising stars in the open-source ecosystem. It surfaces critical metrics on open-source projects and their health. All this is important for organisations and maintainers, but you might be wondering where the value prop is for individual contributors. This blog will be showing you exactly why you should start using OpenSauced today.

The DevCard

OpenSauced has a handy DevCard that contains summarised information of your GitHub contributions. You can share this DevCard via socials and use it as an OpenSauced business card of sorts. This will boost your credibility and increase your chances of landing that role.

You can also embed it in your portfolio site as a way to show off your amazing contributions while adding some personality to your site.


Or perhaps you have an organisation or repository you've been admiring and want to contribute to? No problem - use OpenSauced's workspace feature to list and follow up on the projects that have you starstruck โœจ.

Workspaces allow you to add any GitHub repository to a list and see activity like merged Pull Requests, top contributors and activity over time. This gives you a better feel of the repository and allows you to make informed decisions in terms of where to direct your contribution efforts.

Repository Page

And if you want insights on a repository and don't want to add it to your workspace, don't sweat it. Simply search for them and OpenSauced will take you to their repository page.

This page gives insights into specific repositories, such as the number of contributions received, merge rate of issues, number of stars, number of forks and distribution of contributors against commits (Lottery Factor).

All this is useful information to have as it gives hints as to how actively maintained a repository is, how welcoming it is of your potential contributions and who the main contributors are in case you need to reach out.

Just ask StarSearch

If you couldn't be bothered or you prefer a more conversational way to unearth those insights, you can ask StarSearch.

StarSearch is OpenSauced's Copilot that is based on Git history and can answer questions you may have about your favourite open-source projects.

Ask it who the maintainers are:

Or ask it which repository under an organisation needs more contributors:

Highlight your Contributions

Add your contributions and the stories behind them as highlights on OpenSauced, creating your own curated diary of your contributor journey while making new connections in the open-source ecosystem.

But I'm new to Open-Source

Not an issue, and welcome friend ๐Ÿ˜Œ. OpenSauced has a wealth of free resources and guides that will hold your hand and show you the ropes. From your first contributions to becoming a maintainer, OpenSauced has got your back.


OpenSauced is quite a powerful tool to aid you in your open-source journey as well as an interesting way to get in the field with the open-source players you've been admiring.

Join the discord to hang out and learn more. Till next time, stay saucy ๐Ÿ•.